Our Services

CJSC «ALAMEX» has been working in the market of vacuum coating technologies for over 20 years. During these years we’ve been successfully helping our Customers to solve their production tasks and provide them the following types of coatings: decorative gold and silver coating of watch parts for the «Minsk Watch Plant», reflective silver coating of lighting details for the refrigerator plant «Atlant», conductive silver coating for the “Novogrudok Plant of Gas Equipment”, strengthening titanium nitride (TiN) coating of products of the “Minsk Engine Plant”.

Alongside with the above, our coatings find application in:

  • Interior decoration (metal, glass, ceramic elements);
  • Stair rails and banisters;
  • Forged products;
  • Car and bike parts;
  • Church attributes (crosses, holy vessels, etc);
  • Stainless steel sheets for roofing (incl. church domes);
  • Designer solutions;
  • Outdoor advertising (stainless steel plates and letters);
  • Souvenirs;
  • Finish hardware;
  • Fashion jewelry;
  • Bathroom fitments;
  • Swimming pools elements;
  • Medical equipment;
  • Food & catering equipment.
The test results of our products
Результаты испытаний нашей продукции Результаты испытаний нашей продукции Результаты испытаний нашей продукции